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Tim Keith

July 2023 Monthly Report

Capspace Private Debt Fund

Capspace Private Debt Fund invests in short to medium term loans focussed on

viable growing Australian businesses backed by real property security.

Interest Returns July 2023

Investor Return: 8%
July 2023

Since Inception: 8%
January 2020


Variable Rate: 9.07%*

*BBSW Rate of 4.07% + 5% 



Security Position July 2023

No. of Loans held: 44
as at 31 July 2023

Loan to value ratio: 58%
as at 31 July 2023


Updates from the Team

This month, we have finalised our variable interest rate offer, which has received some excellent feedback. Meanwhile, our investors have continued to enjoy strong, stable returns.

For regular insights on all things investing and finance please contact our executive team. You’ll find a link to our latest article below. If there is a topic you would like to know more about, please let us know.

Interest rate update

Capspace is now offering our new BBSW + 5% margin variable rate to investors. 

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