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March 2022 Monthly Report

Secure, Stable, High Yielding Investment

Investor capital in the Fund is very well secured.

The current Loan to Security Value (LVR) ratio is 54%. This means for every $1 invested the Fund holds $1.85 in mortgage security.

80% of the Fund’s security is 1st mortgages, with the remaining being 2nd mortgages or other security agreements. The majority of mortgages are held over residential security in highly desirable locations.

Just as importantly, all loans made by the Fund to successful Australian businesses are operating within the approved, legally documented terms and conditions. There have been no arrears or defaults on loans since the inception of the Fund.

Capspace Private Debt Fund investors will continue to receive an interest payment based off our target return of 8% per annum in March 2022. This is the 25th month in a row of this high yield for Investors.

Investment Outlook

 In previous months we have included a summary of interest paid for the month and YTD for each investor. Following feedback from our investors, along with the additional security and privacy issues surrounding providing this information, we have decided to discontinue this practice. Should Investors wish to get a summary of their interest, please contact us directly at any time this is required.

The annual interest statement for taxation purposes will still be emailed to you in July 2022.

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